Mary Agnes Krell

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About Mary Agnes Krell

I am an artist, an academic & a ukulele player. I have worked widely in theatre and as a digital artist (creating interactive media for the web, CD-ROM and installations) in the UK and internationally. I've been doing it for over twenty years. I created Traces of Lee Miller: Echoes from St Malo, an interactive project exploring Miller’s time as a war photographer during WWII. I have also been an associate member of Forced Entertainment as a digital author. With them, I created a number of interactive works that were exibited around the world at venues including ZKM (in Karlsruhe, Germany) the ICA (in London) and The Art Institute of Chicago. Nightwalks, an interactive virtual reality piece I created in collaboration with the company won the Transmediale in 2000.

I am a faculty member at University of Sussex and am also one of the team behind GNUF.

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